Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Times!

One more day til Thanksgiving and then I'll be going away with my husband to Santa Barbara (any tips on where to dine and what to do would be great!) for our first little getaway since moving to the U.S almost 18 months ago.  We probably haven't chosen the best destination for this weather but I'm sure we'll still have fun!  
Before I take off for a few days, I thought I'd quickly share with you some things that I'm thankful for - my husband for being the very best friend anyone could ever wish for, my mum who Skypes me atleast once a week, my dad who always sees the silver lining and my little sister who is as solid as a rock.  Also my brothers, my friends, central air, chips and gravy, the internet, baked goods, Nick Cave, Egyptian cotton and my lovely readers!


*A peek of a custom wedding invite I've been working on.  Also, check out The Clothes Horse for a wee feature on Pop Pop Portraits.